der Münchner Pfeil 2008 am Elbrus

Here you find some infos about the Kaukasus / Elbrus - Skitour 
of the Münchner Pfeil and Wiener Pfeil from 1st to 11th  April 2008:

new 19.01.2009: Elbrus Kaukasuspics on  go!


new: pics on

Organised by: 
some further general info:

Go direct to youtube-video of Elbrus summit-day: youtube

Some Pictures and notes will be in future presented from Mario:
Other Pictures will be in future on a server organised by Manfred: www.?????.??

Here you can download  google-earth-stuff (   ):
- map-overlays in Google-Earth: map-overlays
- tracks of the skitours in one file: tracks of all 10 days
- tracks of the skitours in single several files (one per day) on   go direct! 
- after download, google-earth is opening automatically, or open *.kmz-files manually in google-earth
- if you don't have installed google-earth, you can open trackfiles as well in .
   To do this, simply paste the url-adress of the kmz-file in the seach-field of